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"Take this seal and run! Guard it with your life it mustn't ever be broken!"
"This is just a tiny little seal we could just hand it over and they would leave us alone."
"The size of a seal doesn't matter. There is no prophecy about this one yet so who knows what could happen."
"It can't be that bad after all you can carry and hide this in your pocket. It won't be world changing."
"That is exactly what the guys that released the maelstrom thought too. Now run before they find it!"
A conversation between two villagers at the sack of Musnor

Welcome to Proteria

the world of seals

A godless world where the great spirits still run free and nature has a strong grasp on the worlds inhabitants. The nights are freezing cold and pitch black without a moon in sight. The creatures skulking the night hunt without mercy and bring unseen death to anyone they come across. Travelers huddle around fires and shiver from fear and frost never sure if they should guard the fire or the surroundings.

While the land was conquered by the humanoid races the sky and the seas are ruled by giant intelligent creatures. The sighting of a dragon in the sky is a normal occurance as are stories of tidal waves created by giant fins.