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Project Rosewood

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"Come in Agent, please close the door behind you. Have a seat. No, this isn't a disciplinary meeting. I'll get right to the point - you're being transferred. You are hereby assigned to Project Rosewood.
No, I don't expect you to know what Project Rosewood is. We've gone to great lengths to keep it secret. From this point onwards, you'll be expected to do the same. No, you cannot turn down this assignment.
Project Rosewood is the observation, maintenance, and containment of the town of Rosewood in northeastern South Dakota. No, this is not a joke. Please sit down.
Let me be frank - Project Rosewood is quite possibly the single greatest threat to the American way of life. Within this town lie horrors beyond anything you could imagine, Agent. Please sit down. Yes, I am aware the door is locked. Sit down.
I do not expect you to understand, or even to accept the importance of your new position. I didn't either, at first. I won't try to explain. Instead, take this. It is a copy of all case files pertaining to Project Rosewood you are currently authorized to view. No, you may not leave to read them somewhere else.
...yes, it's all true. Welcome to Project Rosewood."

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