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Project Mystica

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Author's note: "Project Mystica" is a world that I've been keeping in my head for the past 20 years. I aim to finally bring it into the limelight!   This setting is meant for my own personal use, a resource to navigate the publications I intend to produce, and to act as a playable roleplaying resource throughout its development.   If you are interested in contributing to its continued development or becoming part of the Project Mystica community, you can find our Discord at this link:   Please note that it is 18+!   Stop by and say hi!
  -------------------------------------------------------------------------   1,000 years after the Ascension of the Architect, the planet is recuperating from the fall of a galactic empire, which was struck down by the very same entity that created it. It is thanks to the combined efforts of very powerful individuals that the planet avoided total annihilation, and now the survivors of the cataclysm eke out a living among desolate, radiation-blasted ruins, the walking dead, and mysterious creatures that rapidly evolved from the aftermath of the Ascension.   Within this chaos, people still build new lives, harrowed by nightmarish monsters, and stronger for it. The Empire that was is now a fading memory, as most alive today simply know for the technological wonders that they excavate from the ashes and metallic tombs that can be found almost anywhere.   The gods still remember, and the Pantheon that protected life long ago still walk the world, raising nations, spreading their faiths and philosophies, all hoping to salvage and heal the dying planet. To aid this, the Architect, the Ascended, the Living Star, has not abandoned his people, and works diligently to carefully restore the world. So too must His faithful seek to rebuild and relearn, to work towards claiming a better and brighter future. One must earn their keep and aid others in righteous works of art, battle, and knowledge.   Over time, there arose a legend of a powerful artifact from the fallen empire, a treasure known simply as "The Mystica". It is said that this treasure will grant enormous power to the one who can find it, is worth more Shards than anyone can imagine, or might even allow a mortal to Ascend themselves!   Magic and technology from ages past continue being rediscovered, and new techniques and devices are being developed every day, all in hopes of surviving in the punishing wilderness and improving the lives of those who strive to better the world and themselves. Yet, as there are those who walk in the Light, there are those who walk in the Dark. To find peace, Balance must be found and protected in order to heal their world. To find Balance, one must accept and cooperate with opposing forces of thought and nature. This is the world of "Project Mystica".