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Project GAIA

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In the beginning, there was nothing, and for many years after, no sentient life form would spawn which left the universe void of any life to plunder it. Over time, some unknown event brought life to the universe, with many new species taking over, falling behind, and fading into obscurity.   The story pertains to the Chaerr Cluster, a collection of Galaxies including The Milky Way, Andromeda, Megiu Marlus, XR55-2313A, and The Fog. Each galaxy within each galaxy was a Quantum Accelerator, which pointed towards an unusual solar system floating outside of any galaxy, uninfluenced by gravity or any other spacial anomaly. Within the solar system was an array of four large stars, three planets, and an abandoned space station, of which has since been restored to semi-operational status, with the main focus on the astronomically enormous planet which the four stars, and the two other planets, orbit.   The first colonizers to land on the planet, dubbed Tratelli after the first member of the Cluster to properly make landfall, soon found that the planet held an impossibly powerful resource, only recently called 'Rez'. Rez changed the mind, the body, and the very universe itself. It was found in every corner of the planet, and soon Tratelli was the frontier for everyone. Alliances between races were made, and the Coalition became the new governing body for everyone from the Cluster, with each galaxy run by it's original inhabitants.   Tratelli is a powerful planet to control, but many mysteries remain. Who constructed the Space Station? Where did Rez come from? What do the millions of unexplored acres of the planet hold? These questions and many more plagued the minds of those who sought to learn of the planet. In the end it was decided to limit the amount of colonizer seeking to colonize Tratelli, for fear that the Rez would quickly run out. Once, every 400 Tratellian Cycles, a new line of colonizers are allowed to land. Anyone who would try to land without specific permissions by the entire Coalition, would hence forth be called a rogue, and hunted down planet side.   The Third Colonization Period is soon to begin, and you've been sponsored, a wonderful chain of events you're sure of it. Unfortunately one thought plagues your mind. A worry and fear that has failed to escape your notice, time and time again. Who sponsored you, a single colonizer, and why?

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