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Travel Bears

Many bears lived in the territory of Velodan Empire. Because of their size and capability to carry heavy objects bears were often used as pack animals. They were high valued and often saw as family members s and not just pets.
In Wuurthag for example there existed an entire cavalry corps out of bears. figthing on first front. Even own amors were designed.
Because of a small existing number in Vandaryen bears are only used for transportation or guarding. Or ceremonial purposes such as a ride for the crowned leader.
Every expedition had atleast three bears. One for carrying heavy objects and two to guard the group. One was on the top and the other one at the end of the group. So they could easily sense danger from both sides and could avoid to be ambushed. The last one would also carry corpses or hurted people. Only the pack animal on the front were only there to be fully ready to fight or react if something unnormal would happen. But no would try to attack a group bring escorted by travel bears because they were very dangerous when they felt themself or their group threatened. Those bears were very loyal and known for their willingness to help.
Moreover it should be said that the bears never were forced to serve as pack animals but rather they offered their help to the first humans. Somehow they felt that the humans needed guidance.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

Mostly they ate fish, honey and beeries. Some bears were hunting deers.

Biological Cycle

Mostly they slept through the entire winter. In spring they were more useful because they werer overcharged with ernergy.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Travel bears had a remarkable endurance. Furthermore they had a brilliant sight and hearing. Moreover they were very strong and could pull large woods.

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