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Blood Roses

The bloodiest flowers of all.

Blood Roses are unique mist flowers often used by magician or alchemists. With few exceptions they are one of the essential ingredients to brew poisons and dark magic potions such as Crela. Although her popularity the possesion is strictly forbidden - with few exceptions.
Unfortunatly it is not really possibly to supervise her utilization because their appearance is very similiar to normal roses. Differences are only visible through special crystals or gleaming if those flowers overgrow a place.

Basic Information

Anatomy & Morphology

Blood Roses are looking very similliar to ordinarily roses but distinguishable though their thin long thorns and curved blossoms. Furthermore if they grow in large numbers they lightly gleam.

Genetics and Reproduction

No one really knows what determines the grow of those mystirious flowers. It is believed that they only grow in places with a highly concentration of magical essences or where the wall between Caszryl and the sphere of beings is unstable. Many people believe Blood Roses reproduce through spores which are very tiny.

Growth Rate & Stages

They grow very quickly and it seems that only magical wardens can stop them. When the flowers start to wilt the blossoms spreads thousands of spores in the air.

Ecology and Habitats

Blood Roses have a high adaptability. They grow nearly everywhere. No matter if it is solid rock or wet dirt. Where ever they grow the ground gets dyed in a shimmering red. It looks like veins connecting all flowers. The color fades when it is to far away from the bed. Some people have the opinion that even if they are not visible Blood Roses veins still grow between all places where those flowers overgrow. This view could have neither be proven nor refuted.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Blood Roses are very sensitive thats why they know where to grow. Many scholars believe that those flowers sense magical essences.

Scientific Name
Ascya Deluth
Conservation Status
Their use is for most people strictly forbidden because of the powerful essences which can be modified to highly burnable potions that for example caused the Flames of Dera1.
In fact, there are many ways to use Blood roses and all of them are punishable - If you get caught...

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