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Project Auriel

Created by

Project Auriel is a diverse Science Fantasy Universe setting for a web comic in progress. A reality where survival is fragile, and every second must be bought with blood and pain. This is a reality of endless realms veiled in darkness and dangers beyond imagining. Were ancient conflicts are waged across innumerable battlefields. However, just beyond the bleak horrors of this world is the faint light of hope. A salvation from the endless wheel of struggle and sacrifice.

Authors voice:
Speakers are always in world sources. I want readers to know only as much as the 'heroes' know.

The world will always be progressive. Retcons will happen as the become a better entertainer and the world is iterated upon.

I like writing episodic short stories. So lore will be in the same universe but may or may not cover the same characters.


Content Scheduled:

(Very Hopeful but, not in any way accurate)
Lore: Daily
One new article every day.

Lore Art: Bi-Weekly
At least one new art work every two weeks.

Experimental Short Story: Bi-Weekly
Iterative sampling to play with the current rules and content of the universe.
Web Comic: Weekly
(start date pending)

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