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Phantus, the Gargantuan


According to archaeologists of the High Plains, the southern island of Meridi holds ancient history and secrets within its massive forests. Explorers have found the remnants of civilization there as well, detailing massive stone temples that could house thousands alongside massive rivers that are nearly a mile wide. Massive amphibians, brightly colored, watch curiously from trees alongside large birds with vibrant feathers and plumage. 
"Meridi is truly a strange place. The place seems all but abandoned by those that once dwelled there and yet there is little to no evidence of where they may have gone. Perhaps to a larger island?"
- Alodie Haig, Adventurer and Explorer
During a recent exhibition, explorers discovered a massive cage of bone nearly three feet high: a ribcage of an animal only a few years dead. They found a beast buried in the mud and muck that was large enough to house an entire building on its back. The people aptly named the beast "Phantus" who was said to be a giant amongst humans that devastated the early armies of the enemies of humankind. The current exhibition, led by Haig, is venturing deeper into Meridi than any exhibition before it to search for a living Phantus, believing it to be a beast large enough to step between other islands and realms. 


Historians believe that the Phantus was used as a beast of burden for merchants. They could safely traverse long distances from (presumably) four stories above the forest floor. Some historians speculate that some of these beasts could get so unbelievably large that they could fit entire towns upon the back of these creatures. These theories, of course, have appealed to the Andrytes, as they believe that such a beast would be excellent steeds for knights during times of war.

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