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Prism is a place of wonder and mystery. Like its name suggests, it is a multi-dimensional world in the shape of a massive triangle that can only truly be seen from the furthest reaches of the universe. At the center of which lies a mysterious light source. Some of its inhabitants believe the light source is great deity and dedicate their lives to it. Others see it as pure energy like an internal sun that never dims. Those curious enough to try to understand its powers and existence, believe it was formed as a result of two worlds colliding. The light source is the smaller of the two worlds trapped inside the other. Of course, that is only a theory, but one thing is certain: Everyone is affected by the light. For those living in spiritual alignment, Prism is a nirvana. On the other hand, those with corrupted souls live in eternal torture and despair.   Much like a regular prism disperses light into a spectrum of colors; Prism disperses creatures’ feelings into spectrum of emotions exposing their true selves and their true desires. Only those at peace and in alignment with their feelings can live peacefully in Prism. Others, with internal conflicts struggle, but for the most part, they can function while they work towards coming to terms with their feelings and making amends with who they really are. Then, there are The Dispersed. These are chaotic creatures whose feelings are so unbalanced, their evil so great, that the strongest and most out of control emotions on their spectrum take physical form, creating soulless doppelgangers of themselves.   Prism is about balance. Creatures most be attuned and in control of all their emotions to be whole and achieve their maximum potential. There cannot be happiness without sadness nor love without hate. Many believe the light source in Prism does not look to deprive anyone of any feelings, even the negative ones. Instead, Prism seeks to achieve a harmonious balance of emotions where negative feelings such as fear, anger, and hatred are kept in check, while positive feelings are allowed to flourish. Those who believe in Prism as a deity believe that only through properly balancing and aligning one’s emotions can one be whole and be at peace. That can only be achieve through meditation, prayers, and good deeds.   Others are not so convinced that Prism is a benevolent deity in search for balance and are not certain of what intentions Prism may has, if it even has any. For centuries, many have tried to explore the triangle’s core, but any attempt to reach it has led to madness. The closer creatures get to the core, the more intense the prism effect is felt. Many adventurers that have attempted to reach the light source have not returned and those who have seem to be empty souls devoid of all emotion. This gives fuel to the tale that Prism does not have good intentions and whatever power it has to affect and manifest emotions should be taken away. But how?   The question now is… Are your adventurers brave enough to face the dangers of Prims to reap its rewards? More pressing, are they brave enough to face their true selves? For those who are, remarkable things await. By aligning and controlling their emotions, adventures can achieve their maximum potential and can tap into extraordinary powers. If they do, they must hurry; the gate to Prism is only open for the next seven days. Beware of the doppelgangers!

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