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Primorion Dorratic-Archon

Year of Steel's Dawning - Yen en' steel's dawnien

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Dorratic-Archon is a world lost in time and space, where innate magic is confined to a specific master race. Multiple other races and a few monstrous races are able to tap into a Magisphere that encompasses the entirety of the system. Multiple rise and fall of civilizations point to a non-indigenous origin that has been lost to time. Unbeknownst to the inhabitants of Dorratic-Archon, this world is a nexus point through which the multiverse can be accessed.   Dorratic-Archon is actually a system of 3 inhabited worlds, Dorrok, a large red satellite, Archon, an even larger bright white/blue world and the prime world known as Dorratic-Archon. The inhabitants of the prime world are unaware of the life present on the 2 moons nor are they aware of the war that has been and is being waged for the control of the Prime. The dwellers of Dorrok and Archon are, on the other hand, very aware of the inhabitants infesting the "Primality" as they tourbillon refer to the prime world. They are aware and they are barred from interfering in their development, but they do try, and on occasion, they succeed.

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