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Primal Dawn

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Welcome to The Carcass, this is the year 300 of the Afterfall, and the last bullet was shot a long, long time ago...


This is a world trying to rise again, over the ashes and eroded debris of an older one, that violently disappeared. The mysterious ruins of a past era were reclaimed by a wildly mutated mother nature, with ruthless indifference. This is a brutal world, where there is no place for the weak. Scarcity and despair are the norm, and everyday is a struggle for survival. Few things last for long...


Most of the science and technology of the ancients is long lost, and people tend to live grim, short and primitive lives, that have a tendency to end with violence. The survivors have created rudimentary and isolated settlements, each one of them with its own particular culture. Desperation has promoted the revival of practices that the ancients were able to eradicate: slavery, human sacrifice, dark religions, and even cannibalism are now easy to find.


Will you contribute to plunge humankind further into the cesspit of this dark age, or will you fight to bring the light of civilization to the wastelands? It's your choice to make, if you manage to survive long enough...

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Surviving Freedom

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