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Presidium (Lunar Animus)

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The world of my D&D group. A scifi/fantasy game taking place in an alternate universe in which earth was transported to a solar system where it was destroyed, and the remaining survivors had to learn how to survive on Presidium (Prae).
The game itself takes place in the year 3821, roughly 1400 years after earth was destroyed on transport to Presidium's orbit, and the scattered colonies have relearned a large deal of their lost knowledge over the years, as well as new technology that only works because of the new physics in place on prae.
A community governed group known as the Forge Guild was built to aid people and nature, a group of scholars, mercenaries, artisans, and businessmen, all aiding with the communities problems and threats to the various ecosystems.
This is were the game starts. As new recruits and guild agents, it will be your task to keep the peace.