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"Krolm's Beard!" —Typical Dwarf invocation

Lord of Axes

Krolm is the dwarven deity of battle and honour in warfare. He was known as the Father of Battle and the Lord of the Twin Axes. He delights in battle, although he did not tolerate treachery or deceit, and he expected his followers to do the same.

Divine Domains

Dwarves, Law, Strength, and War

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Crossed silver battleaxes

Tenets of Faith

The strictures for warriors, initiates, and clerics are as follows:

  • Always press home an attack whenever so ordered by a superior.
  • Remain steadfast in defense whenever the enemy vigorously attacks.
  • Always assist a fallen comrade-in-arms.
  • Keep possession of the battlefield no matter how the conflict resolves.


There are no specific holy days to Krolm. Festivals to Krolm take place before battle, and after a victory.

Divine Classification

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