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In the 21st century, events on Earth caused society to reshape itself and humanity to be split into two subspecies, one mortal, the other biologically immortal. In the subsequent centuries, peace and order was eventually re-established. In time, humanity shifted its focus to colonization beyond its solar system, spurred on by prophecy and science: the Sun was expanding, as had been foretold, and Earth would soon become uninhabitable. Over time, many colony ships were launched towards new Earths in the hopes of carrying on humanity’s legacy. One such ship journeyed to a red planet that showed a 99.9% chance of habitability: Postantera.   But things did not go as planned. The civility and unity of the SFFS Providence—inhabited by normal humans and Aeternums alike—crumbled. When it crash landed onto Postantera, deep in the mountains amid the many dangers of this alien world, the survivors were soon at each other’s throats. Their conflicts shaped the societies to come, as humanity spread across its new home.   Its name a mutation of the Latin for "after earth," this is Worldbuilding Magazine’s collaborative community setting. It is a world forged in blood and fire, science and religion, friendships and intrigue. It is a world of immortal rulers whose battles change the face of the planet. It is a world created for and by the worldbuilding community. Welcome, worldbuilders, to Postantera.

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