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Polampsica is name given to the world of which you are viewing by the Union of Empires in 0 AUE when the empires joined together as a union of ultimate world powers to fight off the massive threat of the Renarduas, a god-like fox creature who sought world control. Currently, there is unrest between the empires due to territory disputes and unreturned loans. War is imminent.   The organization, The Guild of Shadows, has recently infiltrated the ranks of the Yuonin-controlled government of Astica, and if the Yuonin discover this, it will mean war against the country of Ransacia, from which the Shadows originated and where their main base of operations is. And if that happens, Ransacia’s empire, the second largest of the empires, will call upon allies to fight Astica and their allies, of which will amount to a larger military than Ransacia’s and allies, as Astica’s most powerful ally, Heremphusia, is the largest empire of all. War is imminent.