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So like, okay, alright, to describe this in the worst most godawful way possible: the delta episode in ORAS rocked my socks so much that I decided 'my city now', threw canon out the window except for the parts I liked, and added like 500 lesbians. That's literally what happened.   On a more serious note, Pokeau is exactly what the name implies - it's an au of the Pokemon world except I messed up all the rules, added magical girls, and my inner zoologist went absolutely HAM. That doesn't sound much better than the other description but that's just how it is, baby.   Religious drama, soap opera drama, species drama, it's all drama here because I grew up watching cheesy Sims videos so I live for the drama. With a current timeline spanning for like... 150 years minus all the drama that happened BEFORE that, it gets pretty wild, so like, hashtag swag, man. It's kind of a mess here, sorry.   If you'd like elaboration/images on a certain article, feel free to comment :0 Pokeau exists pretty much for myself and myself only, the reason this is public is bc people have wanted me to share it and also i love 2 infodump, so articles might be messy and not prettily formatted but lmk if you'd be interested in me makin it pretty! That said, I'm not looking for critiques on storytelling, characters, or worldbuilding because all this stuff was originally just for me and I don't really care if it's 'good' or not, as long as it makes me happy, it's doing it's job.     Anyways welcome 2 my kitchen and I'm sorry @ gamefreak   i obviously dont own pokemon dont sue me nintendo .......... 'fanfic' is a category so like........ fan universes are allowed right...........