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Woodland Rune

The Woodland Runebound Shard is covered in moss which cannot be removed. The shard glows deep green. The bearer can feel the life energy empowering their own growth and transformation which increases over time. Bearers of this rune slowly become more attuned to ancient powers: the Fae, the Flora or the Feral.  

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Activation: When the bearer gains possession of the rune, they choose one progression path in the table below. Every three sessions, while possessing this rune, the bearer progresses one stage through their chosen path, until the third stage, at which point they gain an additional rank in the third stage every three sessions. If you lose possession of the rune for more than 24 hours, you revert to your previous form, suffer 3 wounds and 3 strain, and lose all progression on your path.  
Stage Transform to Fae
1 Narratively describe how you become able to hover. See rules on page 100 of the CRB.
2 You see the simplicity of things and can easily decipher and decieve them. Decrease the difficulty of all Cunning based skill checks.
3 Twice per rank per session, access your CHAOS POWER! Your presence now brings chaos with it, and you affect the skills and luck of those about you. Re-roll any number of dice on anyone's check, then you may turn any one die to any face.
Stage Transform to Flora
1 Narratively describe how you become hardier. Gain 2 Soak and +5 Wound Threshold.
2 The sun is your best friend. During the day, outside, heal 2 wound and 2 strain at the beginning of your turn. During the day underground or indoors, heal 1 wound and 1 strain at the beginning of your turn.
3 Once per rank per session, assume your OLD GROWTH FORM for two rounds per rank! Per rank, increase your Silhouette by 1, your Wound Threshold by 5, and your Brawn by 1.
Stage Transform to Feral
1 Narratively describe how you become more fierce. At the beginning of an encounter, opponents make a Hard Fear check.
2 Once per encounter, freak the hell out. After making a successful combat check, add damage equal to the characteristic associated with the combat check.
3 Once per rank per session, assume your PACK FORM! Add a PC slot per rank to the initiative in addition to your rolled slot. You may use a number of PC slots plus one per rank during the round.
Implement: When bearer casts a Transform spell they may add the Transform Gear effect with no added difficulty.
Item type

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