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Hargen are large, very intelligent mammals used as beasts of burden and sometimes as mounts on Plavithen. They are massive, omnivorous, brave, and loyal, making them excellent companions, working animals, and war beasts.   Though physically-powerful and highly-intelligent, they tend to bond easily with humanoids and happily work as beasts of burden or mounts as long as they are treated well and kept fed. Mistreating a hargen is an excellent way to get severely injured or killed, and underfeeding one is an excellent way to lose it.

Basic Information


To picture a hargen as a resident of earth, imagine what you would get if you combined a bison and a kodiak bear. A hargen's head is full of sharp, heavy, tearing teeth and crowned with a pair of long, heavy, and sharp horns. They have a massive, bison-like forehead and a mane of shaggy, coarse fur that reaches back to just behind their shoulders where it becomes finer. A hargen's feet are equipped with vicious, heavy claws similar to a bear's and its legs are strong enough for it to jump over 20 feet with a good running start. They weigh about 1500 pounds on average.

Dietary Needs and Habits

In the wild, hargen are omnivorous, living mostly on nuts, berries, other fruit, fish, and small game. Domesticated ones do quite well on a diet of livestock meat and grains, however, and while feeding a hargen is not an expense to be taken on lightly, they are typically not fussy eaters.

Additional Information

Social Structure

Wild hargen are solitary creatures, coming together to mate and raise the resulting young (a process that typically takes about two years) every 3-4 years or so. Hargen mate exclusively and for life, but unless mating or raising young do not typically spend much time together. Despite this, they are cordial toward other hargen in the wild and clearly know who their family members are.

Average Intelligence

Hargen aren't as smart as an average humanoid, but they are far more intelligent than most animals, comparable to the most intelligent herding dogs. They can solve problems, make decisions with limited information, and even do simple math.
Hargen typically live about 20 years.
Average Weight
1300-1700 lbs
Average Length
8-11 feet
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Hargen are usually some mix of brown, tan, and black, with a wide variety of different patterns and hues within this general range.

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