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setting planet group alpha

where is the love!?

the problem with this intersection, as it varied extreme hights, made it annoying to get to work on time with all the flying metal flying to and throw with all kinds peoples of the empire. it was nice and open, but the vehicles were the most bothersome part of this mess the vehicles were all shapes and sizes with some looking like one of those fish from death wind with big gas blatters and huge gray fins that propelled the rest of the behemoth thought the intersection which in turn actually caused the several other vehicles to smash in to the sides and basically started to bite the flesh causing the machine to attempt to ram strate at my building and then they turn in to Odby and with the original owners hanging on for dear life before it smashed in to the building destroying my residents and as I came out of the rubble the Odby started to talk on a shape of there own. and here we are human now in plain site for all to see and know whos going to pay for my apartment?!- a HIK7 Newz Interview with goal bixin year 10,000 WA


it's in the middle of the very deep impression with lots of holes from the impact of some of the early attempts of space travel with the Odby with little success in the year 50 WA but the view of the stares is very impressive with few stars in the sky and desert floor stretching to the horizon. the megastructure is octagonal with round spheres around the bottom for growing and the maintaining of the Odby

Fauna & Flora

there are machines that have escaped in the year 2000 WA due to negligence and are still rooming the floor below and there very dangerous for they break down the polymers of the shells and destroy the carbon skeletons killing the victim instantly, these Husker are dangerous and very aggressive if you are on your own if you see a dot in the sky in the middle of the day or a rumbling in the ground. get out of there for they travel in large packs 10,000 about the size of a relic also called a bus- the department of Tourism year 2050 WA

Natural Resources

the Odby (Oo-Dee-Bay) stands for oscillating dense brine in the Y plane. from the mounds have been placed in the huge room was massive mechanical arm stretch out the Odby so it won't be stagnant but quite firm and flexible and then collapsed to be made into machinery. one of its many uses can be shown through an example. the towers collect the radiation from the sun and the planet below. by using the odby's oscillating flesh we can trap radiation by making a spike with extremely sensitivity we can costed the spike it will transfer the radiation through its self and place into the 20-kilometer generators that keep this place working at full capacity. - interview with the professor Odby mechanics Dessco Pi year 9,9985 WA
Alternative Name(s)
cross road 26 at declination 15 degrees
Location under
earth 28,000 years in to the future A.K.A the White Orbit
the fedration of the people
Owning Organization
the fedration of the people

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