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Silver Forest

The Silver Forest is considered as the most mysterious border between the country of the fairies and the land of the vampires. As a border between two lands supposedly it shouldn't "pick sides", but somehow during its formation the forest developed an anti-vampire barrier around itself so no vampires are allowed to set a foot in. Anyhow there is a rare exception of this rule what proved this forest has some sort of own will, it's almost like a living being but isn't truly conscious. After the disowning of the two lands' heirs, the forest gave the two disinherited youth full authority over the vampire restrictive barrier. Under the rule of the two of them, this barrier kept out everyone except for a very few group of people who were loyal and trustworthy. Once these two met their demise, this given out authority returned and the barrier was restored to its original state: no vampires allowed.   There are some rumours going around that this forest might has the gate to the realm of the kitsunes, but no one ever managed to either confirm or deny this theory.

Purpose / Function

To give a border between the two countries what's harder to cross. It also shelters some individuals from time to time if they're allowed to enter and exist there. Keeper of secrets.


Its barrier what was always a natural phenomena got under the control of some people over time.   A few decades before our current time the first people got authority over the barrier giving them the ability to modify who can enter and who cannot. These two also became aware if anything happened within the barrier or if anyone tried to enter as if their mind became connected with the forest. After the death of these two people this authority dissipated and everything returned to as it were.   If it's currently under control by someone else or if its authority returned once and for all to the will of the forest is questionable.


There's one single podium in the exact middle of the forest where the fullmoon shines in the brightest. This podium is circle shaped has 2 levels of strairs and a few pillars on the edge of the podium. It's almost like it would have ceremonial or performance purposes, but the real history of this forest is long gone so only theories floating around with the wind.


The supreme barrier what even the pure blooded vampire kings couldn't lift or destroy through the history.   There are loopholes to trick this barrier, what is the main reason for the suspicion that the forest might have its own will, but if you're defenitely not allowed in the forest, then there's no way for you to enter without help.   Also even fairies doesn't seem to go as they please due to the majority of them getting lost or leaded back to where they entered no matter their exploration skills or awareness.


Due to the nature of this forest, the real facts and history of it is already long gone or got destroyed if it was ever recorded at all.   Therefore everyone collectively considers the forest as a mysterious border what's purpose was to keep away the vampires from entering the land of the fairies.


Many young adventurous fairies got the idea of revealing the secrets of the forest, confirming or denying the theories about it etc.   Most of them got lost though but fortunately they always -well the majority- ended up getting to the same point where they entered the forest. As if there would be some sort of magical maze within the forest what forces you out even if you're theoretically allowed to enter. The minority of the lost ones were never seen again.   The main theories they intend to investigate are the following:  - Is anyone living in there?  - What is the source of the mysterious music what some people said to be hearing when approaching the forest in the middle of the night?  - Are there really ghosts occupying the woods? If so, then whose ghost/s are they?  - Does the forest truly has the gate to the realm of the kitsunes?  - Also the whole being and history of the forest is something people would like to bring under light.
Alternative Names
Ghost Woods, The Forest of the Pierrot, Forbidden Forest, Grave Forest
Natural Wonder

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