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Cobble Street Inn

The moment you open the door you are punched by the sweet scent of honeycakes and rich aroma of ale, and the babble and music suddenly hits you. You see a group of people taking shots at the bar, some shabby looking fellows playing three-dragon ante, a kobold in a corner with black hood smoking a funny looking pipe while conversing with a dragonborn, and a door closing behind a group of fancy looking people in a privateroom. You walk up to the bar and order a shot of whiskey and a honeycake, the large bearish innkeeper pours you a glass and shouts in a growling voice over his shoulder "One honeycake". You throw your head back and feel the liquor burning in your throat.
Cobble Street Inn was founded by Rodriga and her husband, the ogre Bharc. Rodriga won the building, located in the old cobble street district in Roekenpercstone, in a drinking contest against a drunk noble in the famous tavern The Gleaming Tankard. After acquiring the building the couple lived in the building and, with the help of the merchant, Ormand, who saved Rodriga many years ago, started making the old building into the inn of their dreams a reality. Today Cobble Street Inn is the most popular tavern and inn in the Cobble Streets.  
Nowadays Cobble Street Inn is primarily run by the half-ogre Batheid, he is 8 feet tall, brawny and pack a pair of bushy sideburns. He loves stories and to collect things. He speaks in a growly voice and usually leans on the bar and talks with regulars taking shots.
The original innkeeper Rodriga still owns the inn but isn't really present as much anymore. She is a short but dense lady, she loves gossip and helps where she can in the tavern.

The first story of the tavern has walls of grey stone bricks, and the second is made of wood. Floors are made of wood and is sprinkled with diverse coloured carpets. The main room is roughly sixty-five by twenty-eight feet though it differs since the front door is diagonal in a corner. A couple of feet beside the bar close to the opposite wall is a door to a private room, behind the bar is the entrance into the kitchen, from the kitchen is a door to a small storage and brewery room which has a door leading to the back. On the second floor is a long table in the middle of the room there is two more private rooms one of which has a game table, five simple rooms with bunk beds, one double room with two beds, and three snug rooms with a wardrobe, carpet and double bed each.
QR. The room marked with QR, Qrook Room, is not a bedroom. The room is furnished with an armchair, cupboard, carpet, a bunch of boxes, & a steep stair leading to a trapdoor to the attic. The door to this room is always locked and in the armchair sits a doorkeeper on shift, a member of The Qrook House.

Qrook House

In the attic are the headquarters of the organization; The Qrook House, this attic has wooden floor, a buttload of sleeping mats along the walls, a huge round table, cupboards & chests & boxes. The trapdoor leads down to the qrook room.
The Qrook House was started a few years after the tavern was opened for business. It was started by a kobold known as Ol' Qrook, first he and his members worked in secret to Rodriga and Bharc. But after a few months when Ol' Qrook got to know them, Rodriga and Bharc joined The Qrook House. They work to help the oppressed, and work to restore equality and make magic legal in Roekenpercstone.
They have spies and mages through out Roekenpercstone, they spy on nobles and politicians and run small businesses to support spellcasters and sell minor magic. They don't necessarily seek glory or power, the work secretly and in few numbers since magic is rare and it's hard to trust non spellcasters when magic is illegal.
  • Information and knowledge of the arcane is a rare resource, it should not go to waste by oppression from authorities.
  • No one should go powerless.
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