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Sword of Zilo

The great river in the Northwest

In ages past, when Zilo met   His wife and traitor on the field   The cold iron cross so split   The lands to never be healed     As blood and iron mixed in air,   Each forged the land's edge.   The Giant fought the Vixen fair   Their iron drives a dual wedge     Between hearts, between lives   For as between gods, so on Piopegus:   The land struck asunder in six strides   Both warlocks blades made famous       As the great seas that cut the Etrelan coast,   One as cruel as ice, the other crueller still   For one died that day, but what mattered most   Had died a thousand days before the kill


A sea stretching from northern shores of Yalon to the cliffs of Baelall.

Flora & Fauna

Populated by Stone Trout, Breadfish, eels, and many other fish.
Alternative Name(s)
The West Sword

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