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Singing Coyotes

Explorers traveling through the Applescarn Mountains and the neighboring forests may have heard a species thought long gone - the singing coyote.   Singing coyotes are a breed of coyote whose howls and yips sound harmonious, almost trans-like. It’s a nice reprieve for travelers who walk the woods alone and feel scared. Some fear the singing coyote especially if they own small animals, while others see them as a necessity to the local ecosystem.   The first singing coyotes appeared in Pinegaard in 13 AT. Singing coyotes have light-green fur, black years, and light yellow eyes. These coyotes mate and give birth in the spring. Cubs reach adulthood after two years and can live up to twenty. These coyotes are carnivorous, but reports have noted they eat fruit and grain. They travel in groups and tend to stay away from populated areas.   Animal researchers believe singing coyotes originate from the spring court in the east as there are sightings of similar creatures in the area. Mages note that the magic of the Fey Realm could have given abilities and characteristics to coyotes who came from the Prime World, like the other animals in Pinegaard.   The first singing coyotes were thought to have died out in 30 AT due to poachers hunting them for their fur, eyes, and tongues, which they believed had magical singing powers. Another theory of the singing coyote extension was that fey nobles came to Pinegaard to take them to their native courts where they kept them as pets.   New packs have been spotted throughout the northwestern area of Pinegaard in 51 AT. Druid circles acted to make sure singing coyotes were protected to allow them to increase their population in a manageable way.   Singing coyotes can be tamed and some druidic circles have trained them as companions or guardians, yet they allow the animals to remain in the wild unless they’re sick and need to be taken care of.

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