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Hag's Syndrome

Hags are scattered throughout Pinegaard. Many of the region’s citizens see them as witches, tricksters, or wise women. There are even a couple of hags who’ve created a name for themselves in Pinegaard through heroic organizations.   Hags reproduce the same as most other folks - two hags can make a baby. In the case of one parent being a hag and the other is of another lineage, it’s unknown if the child will be a hag like their mother or inherit their other parent’s looks. There are some people who become hags through the condition Hag’s Syndrome.   Hag’s Syndrome is a condition where someone shows characteristics of a hag, such as leathery, ragged skin, stringy hair, long fingernails, black teeth, etc. However, Hag’s Syndrome also causes people to develop magic abilities, ranging from Chaotic Fey, hex magic, or necromancy. Those afflicted with Hag’s Syndrome don’t get to choose their magical abilities and are saddled with what they receive.   Some consider Hag’s Syndrome unlucky as it takes away a person’s beauty. However, those afflicted with the disease can live their lives. Sylvia Teadrinker runs a roadside attraction in western Pinegaard. Sylvia was originally a dhampir haulfin. She contracted Hag’s Syndrome after making a deal with a hag to find a fortune.   The first cases of Hag’s Syndrome was recorded in 12AT when the hag Reena came across a pair of hags who she previously knew were gnomes living on the coast. She took down their notes and helped them through the transformation.   The disease is contracted in a couple of different ways. Most recorded cases note that Hag’s Syndrome was the result of a bargain between a person and another hag. The person would make a deal and in return, the hag would infect them with the disease. Reena noted that her friends made a deal with a rival hag.   In some cases, it was a powerful fey who inflicted someone with hag’s syndrome.   The other way a person can contract the disease is by consuming food imbued with hag magic.   Hag’s Syndrome can be cured with powerful magic or several days of healing. Reena was able to heal her friends through her husband, who was a nephilim and skilled in the healing arts.

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