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Cordia "The Unseen"

The seas of Phryxt are host to many a threat, not limited to sea monsters, vortexes that drag you into the deep, and treacherous stones waiting to sink their claws into nearby ships. But no sight sets a mans heart ablaze with fear quite like the vision of some wakes in the water, with no accompanying ship. For this sight is a sure sign that you've been attack by Cordia the Unseen and her ship, the Out of Mind.   If you asked most where Cordia got her moniker, "The Unseen", they would laugh in your face. Of course! The woman is named after the powerful abilities of her ship, which is able to sneak upon you with nary a hint of its presence. They, of course, would be entirely incorrect. Long before she became a pirate sailing the Marquet Sea, Cordia was a thief who toured all of the Aspaxian Empire. (Many would call her a "common" thief, but there was nothing common about her.) Cordia went on a long spree hitting the capital of each major Aspaxian city at least once, and always stealing from the most wealthy or powerful in each location. Since political power and wealth in Aspax is directly proportional to magical power, this was no mean feat. It was from these missions that Cordia got the name Unseen, and that name carried with her when she decided to ply her trade on the high seas after stealing the Out of Mind.   Since then, Cordia has continued her debauchery on the oceans. No one knows why she decided to become a thief of the sea rather than one of the land, but one does not simply approach the most fearsome pirate out there and ask these kinds of questions, especially when one cannot even sea her ship. Cordia has achieved a number of feats since becoming a sea-farer, from sieging the entire city of Ascli at once to discovering the ancient buried treasure of Pearlbeard. What she'll do next is anyone's guess, but we can be sure it will be done in style.

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