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29/8/1982 PA

Created by

Phidas is a world that grows. It's alive, almost like an animal, and deep within its heart pulses the lifeblood of millennia of existence. Born from 2 deities and forged by 2 grand forces, it's a world that thrives off of the very essence of Life   Phidas, however, is not just limited to the single Prime Material Plane it seems to inhabit. It's the centre plane of infinite potential little pockets in space time but some, of course, stand out far more than others. Devils and Demons lurk from the inhospitable hells below, Celestials and Gods watch from above in the grand heavens and all sorts of odd places formed from the primordial creation orbit and overlap with themselves and each other Perhaps the most beautiful part of Phidas, however, is the life. Flourishing megafauna and flora to the secluded island of Bosvel. Creatures that lurk within the depths of the Chilrich Ocean and the jungles of Myvero and of course, the creatures that deem themselves intelligent. Take a step into a world much like our own, yet oh so different, and embrace sights the mind can only dream.