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Skorpers are giant scorpions native to Scorphis island. Like most species on Scorphis Island, they exhibit island gigantism. They were domesticated 4000 years ago by the Anumites.


1. Description
2. Habitat
3. Feeding
4. Skorpium
5. Uses


Skorpers are twenty times larger than the next largest species of scorpion, measuring nearly 15 feet from claw to stinger. A few exceptional cases have been reported to be 20 feet.

Their carapace is purplish black. When ground into a fine powder, it can be used as purple dye.


Skorpers are native to Scorphis Island, but they thrive in any arid climate. During the day they burrow beneath the sand to hide from the hot sun.

Feeding Habits

Due to their size, skorpers require an enormous amount of food - nearly 20 pounds a day. Skorpers hunt by partially burying themselves in soil and then stinging their prey when it comes within reach. Skorper venom is not generally deadly in low doses, but it does cause hallucinations and weakness. This disorientation makes it easy for the skorper to finish its prey off with it's large, powerful claws.


Skorper venom is a key component of the painkiller skorpium. The exact recipe has been kept a secret, but skorpium is in very high demand and often sells for as much as gold. Skorpium is growing in popularity as a recreational drug in Treland. King Ivan Talenov issued a decree outlawing it's use, but criminal organizations continue to smuggle it in to the kingdom.


Since being domesticated by the Anumites nearly 4000 years ago, skorpers have been employed in many ways and bred to perform specific functions. The major breeds are:

War Skorper

War skorpers were used by the Anumites to pull their chariots into battle. A typical skorper chariot consisted of a driver and an archer. The Rashidi still use skorper cavalry. War skorpers have been bred to be faster, more venomous, and have thicker shells.

Stone Skorper

Stone skorpers are used as beasts of burden for both agriculture and construction. They are larger and stronger than other skorpers. They are quite docile and have relatively soft shells.

Temple Skorper

Temple skorpers are kept only by the priests of Wazir. They were originally bred to act as escorts during the festival of Ankti. Their venom is quite painful and incapacitating, but it is almost never deadly.

Assassin Skorper

Assassin skorpers are the most venomous breed of skorper due to crossbreeding with deathstalker scorpions. They are easily identifiable by their smaller size and greenish yellow carapace.


War Skorper

Scientific Name
Pandinus gigantus

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