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Imperial House of Order

A Symbol of Tyranny

Oh that eyesore there is what's left of the old House of Order. The southerners used to lecture us there about how we're all such uncivilised brutes who can't follow the law properly. They were right in a way. Their strange laws were foreign to us and went against our nature, but now as free men we gladly follow a king of our own blood.
  The Imperial House of Order was an enormous courthouse that towered over all other buildings in Ecádig, the cultural capital of the Ceireds. Constructed by the Rahyamin Empire in the year 208 AU, the building served as a reminder to the local inhabitants that their lands were under the control of their new southern masters who had claimed the territory during the conquest of Pekkola.  


Ecádig fell under Rahyamin rule soon after the beginning of the empire’s invasion of Rieweck. The settlement had been a small town that consisted primarily of log houses when the invaders arrived. Despite their defeats on the field of battle, the Ceired people were still brimming with the will to fight on against the southern menace.   To counter such fierce resistance, the empire authorised the construction of a colossal courthouse. Dissidents and traitors from across Pekkola would all see its splendour before facing imperial justice.  


During the crisis of the third century, as the civil war between imperial pretenders wages in the south, the locals seized the opportunity. Ecádig was garrisoned by only a handful of troops who weren’t numerous enough to patrol the entire city. A group of ambitious rebels saw this as their best opportunity to restore independence, and in their minds the best way to declare Rieweck free would have been to do it as loud as possible.   Under the cover of darkness, a handful of men tunnelled underneath the building and weakened its integrity. As the sun had risen and the town awakened, the great and tall behemoth of a building came toppling down, destroying the garrison’s headquarters and a section of the city. The ruins now remain as a reminder of past oppression and tyranny, fueling the rage the Ceireds feel towards the Remnant.
Destruction Date
280 AU
Founding Date
208 AU
Parent Location
Ethnicity | Sep 29, 2021

Ceireds are an industrious folk who live in the southern parts of Pekkola. While they can be rather rude and vindictive, they are a quick thinking folk who have mastered the art of siege warfare.

Rahyamin Empire
Organization | Jun 27, 2020

The Rahyamin Empire was the beacon of civilisation that brought most of Pekkola under its banner through force and manipulation


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