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Cultural Capital

Centres of Culture and Trade

No city displays our people and history as Ecádig. Our great halls and feats of architectural wonder stand as a reminder of our greatness. The Rahya towers and bathhouses remind us of our struggle for freedom, and the crumbling ruins reveal our past suffering.
— Cuthbert of Lithmark
  Cultural capitals are large and prestigious cities that serve as centres of trade, culture, and learning. Each of the six cultures of Pekkola has a city that they consider their cultural capital. The first mention of the term was used during the conquest of Pekkola when the armies of the Rahyamin Empire occupied Rieweck. The chroniclers who marched with the army were impressed when they entered the city of Ecádig, and they referred to it as the cultural capital of the Ceireds.   Once the conquest had ended, the Rahyamin Empire began officially designating cities as cultural capitals, and they were given special rights and autonomy under Rahya law. Each city served as a seat of power for a regional governor and contained the most substantial garrisons in Pekkola.   After the fall of the Empire, the city of Reniyya became the de facto cultural capital of the Remnant. The other native cultures of the northern realm kept their former capitals as they were well-developed and dear to them.
Cultural capitals
Talvela (Aeth)
Ecádig (Ceired)
Sjálborg (Vakner)
Várájohka (Pijari)
Gelach (Tathian)
Reniyya (Remnant)


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