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The History of Patriam

The Auan Era

13800000002 6999997

  • -13800000002 BCE

    The Creation of The Universe

    The universe is created by The Big Bang, the cause of its creation is unknown.

The Classical Era (BCE)

600 1

  • -356 BCE


    The Birth of Alexander the Great
    Life, Birth

    Alexander the Great is born.

  • -343 BCE

    -340 BCE

    Aristotle's tutorage of Alexander
    Life, Education

    From ages 13 to 16, Alexander is tutored by one of the greatest intellectual figures of Western history, Aristotle, who inspires him with an interest in philosophy, medicine, and scientific investigation. Aristotle's education causes Alexander to develop a curiosity of The Sword of Knowledge and the Auan, secretly dedicating his life and conquests to further uncovering their secrets.

  • -336 BCE

    Alexander the Great becomes King of Macedon
    Political event

    After Alexander's Father, King Phillip II, is assassinated by his bodyguard and secret Hanajei Assassin Pausanias, Alexander ascends to the throne of Macedonia. Receiving The Sword of Knowledge that Pausanias had tried to retrieve from King Phillip II, Alexander now plans to enact his Father's plans of world conquest.

  • -335 BCE

    Alexander the Great subdues Thebes
    Military action

    Using the power of The Sword of Knowledge, Alexander leads his forces against the rebellion in Thebes. The power of the Auan Tool allowing Alexander to lay waste to both the city and its inhabitants. With this use of seemingly divine powers, Alexander is hailed as a God-King by his men and a direct descendent of Zeus.

  • -334 BCE

    Alexander the Great's Conquests begin
    Military action

    After subduing the rebel Greek city states and cementing himself as a figure of supreme authority and awe, Alexander the Great launches an offensive campaign against the Achaemenid Empire (Persia), beginning a life-long conquest eastward in search of both fame, riches, and the secrets of the Auan.

  • -333 BCE

    5 /11

    The Battle of Issus
    Military action

    Alexander the Great faces off against Darius III of the Achaemenid Empire for the first time at The Battle of Issus. Alexander the Great's forces obliterates the Achaemenid army with the assistance of The Sword of Knowledge. Darius III retreats further into the Achaemenid Empire, writing in his journal the terrifying divine powers of this Hellenic conqueror.

  • -332 BCE

    Alexander the Great conquers Egypt
    Military action

    Alexander the Great enters Egypt and conquers the city of Tyre. Using The Sword of Knowledge, Alexander founds the city of Alexandria in his name. Alexander instructs his closest confidants to use Alexandria as a staging point for expeditions in search of Auan artefacts and knowledge, as well as a collection point for any such items.

  • -331 BCE

    1 /10

    The Battle of Gaugamela
    Military action

    Alexander the Great faces off against a giant Persian army led by Darius III. Severely outnumbered, Alexander is forced to heavily rely upon The Sword of Knowledge to keep his forces alive, most famously when a charge by Persian scythed chariots aimed at the centre of Alexander's forces was defeated by Alexander's lightly armed soldiers. The battle ended in a decisive Macedonian victory with Darius III fleeing eastward. As Alexander pursued, Darius was assassinated by Bessus, the Satrap of Bactria. Upon finding out the fate of his former rival, Alexander gave Darius a full ceremonial burial back in Persepolis.   With the defeat of Darius III and the complete capture of Western Persia, Alexander pushed further eastward in pursuit of Bessus and of rumours of Auan knowledge hidden in the North-Eastern mountains of Bactria.

  • -329 BCE

    -328 BCE

    Alexander's Invasion of Bactria
    Military action

    Alexander arrives in Bactria in search of Bessus and Auan knowledge. Alexander leads a campaign throughout Bactria in search of both Bessus and the Auan. Alexander is eventually led to the city of Balkh where Bessus makes his stand. Alexander lays siege to Balkh as he continues his conquest of the rest of Bactria.

  • -328 BCE

    The Battle of Balkh
    Military action

    Alexander demands the surrender of Bessus and the city of Balkh, promising to spare the city and its people should Bessus comply. Bessus refuses Alexander's ultimatum and instead taunts Alexander into trying to take the city, confident in his forces' ability to hold the city.   The Hanajei Order dispatches assassins to murder Alexander and his commanders at Balkh in order to retrieve The Sword of Knowledge. The assassins are successful in killing two of Alexander's commanders, including Hephaestion, but are unable to kill Alexander himself. Alexander is able to subdue one of the assassins and alerts the camp. Upon the discovery of the death of Hephaestion, an enraged Alexander tortures the assassin for 9 days until the assassin eventually tells him everything. Of The Hanajei Order, their mission, and of the Auan.   Alexander, still enraged after the death of Hephaestion, razes the city of Balkh to the ground, brutally killing all the inhabitants and having their heads mounted on spikes outside the ruins of the city.   Following the destruction of Balkh, Alexander swears an oath that we will continue his conquest eastward to hunt down The Hanajei Order and destroy them.

The Early Space Exploration Era

2100 2999

  • 2144 CE

    The Collapse of Catholicism
    Religious event

    Widespread collapse of Catholicism around the world, including the collapse of the Papacy in the Vatican City. Subsequent raiding and plundering of the Papal Archives by The Kosmos Organisation

The Precursor Era

3000 7845

The Precursor Era was a Golden Age of space exploration, colonisation, and understanding. However, The Great War between The Ubari Galactic Republic and The Kashaki Galactic Governorate tore apart the galaxy, eventually leading to its destruction in The Great Catastrophe.

  • 3381 CE

    7845 CE

    The Great War
    Military action

    The Great War was a brutal galactic-spanning conflict between The Ubari Galactic Republic and The Kashaki Galactic Governorate. Over the course of the long 4464 years that the war raged, over 765 Trillion people were killed either directly or indirectly by the war. The war ended in 7845 when an Ubari Nicoll-Dyson Laser fired while in a damaged state, causing The Great Catastrophe.

  • 4822 CE

    4829 CE

    The Alnai Prime General Citizen Riots

    The General Citizen Riots begin on Alnai Prime following widespread famine, poverty, and corruption by government and military officials.

  • 4829 CE

    7839 CE

    The Alnai Rebellion

    The Alnai Rebellion begins with rebel forces clashing with Republic forces across the planet. By coincidence, The Kashaki Galactic Governorate launches a major offensive across an era of space known as The Galactic Frontier forcing much of the Ubari Galactic Republic's forces to be preoccupied and unable to deal with the rebellion on Alnai Prime.

The Early Neo-Civilisation Era

30000 32499

  • 30000 CE

    The Formation of The Kingdom of Argonia

    The Kingdom of Argonia is founded by The First Antaelaen at the beginning of the Early Neo-Civilisation Era

The Golden Age of The Kingdom of Argonia

32500 38499

  • 38220 CE

    38500 CE

    The First Human-Created War
    Military action

  • 38220 CE

    38500 CE

    The Great Exodus
    Population Migration / Travel

  • 38450 CE

    The Formation of The Kaikanjei Dynasty

    The Kaikanjei Dynasty is founded by Ky'Ji settlers who fled The Kingdom of Argonia during The Great Exodus.

The Civilisation Reformation Era

38500 40000

  • 38600 CE

    39000 CE

    The Kaikanjei Dynasty colonises Wurtum

  • 40000 CE

    The Age of Kings begins
    Era beginning/end

    The Age of Kings, an era of significantly increased warfare and the formation of many famous Kingdoms and Empires throughout Inner Patriam, begins.

The Pre-Modern Era of Patriam

40000 46299

  • 40000 CE

    The Age of Kings begins
    Era beginning/end

    The Age of Kings, an era of significantly increased warfare and the formation of many famous Kingdoms and Empires throughout Inner Patriam, begins.

  • 40001 CE

    The Empire of Hiwotsukeru is founded

    The Empire of Hiwostukeru is founded by a group of Taikyo-Wurtumese settlers in North-Western Watol following a short skirmish war between the Taikyo-Wurtumese and a confederation of local Watolian tribes.

  • 40001 CE

    40106 CE

    Hiwotsukeru conquests of Northern Watol
    Military action

    The Empire of Hiwotsukeru begins a war campaign against the tribes of Northern Watol. The campaign lasts for just over a century before the armies of Hiwotsukeru are victorious over the loosely-united confederation of Watolian tribes following a decisive victory at Kiwakatsa which wiped out the last of the confederation's leadership and army.

  • 40074 CE

    The Muz Tafiir are founded

    The Mur Tafiir are founded as an Assassin Cult on Tokhotl Island by Hakkajin Order members of Taikyo-Wurtumese decent as a splinter organisation of the original Hakkajin who were loyal to The Kaikanjei Emperor in the Wurtumese homeland. The Hiwotsukeru Emperor grants the cult land in mainland central Watol in exchange for the cult's loyalty to The Empire of Hiwotsukeru and services against the local Watolian peoples who threaten Hiwotsukeru hegemony over Northern Watol.

  • 40106 CE

    The Battle of Kiwatsaka
    Military action

    The Battle of Kiwatsaka was the final confrontation between the forces of The Empire of Hiwotsukeru and that of a loosely-united confederation of native Northern Watolian tribes. The Hiwotsukeran forces, led by Crown Prince Kyopjudai clashed violently with the native Watolian forces, the far more organised and efficient army under Crown Prince Kyopjudai crushed the Watolians, forcing many into the ocean to drown or face the endless lines of Hiwotsukan heavy infantry. With the death of their leaders and much of their able-bodied men, almost all native resistance against The Empire of Hiwotsukeru collapsed as Hiwotsukan hegemony was established over Northern Watol.

  • 41500 CE

    The Norkinian Empire is Formed

    The Kingdom of Norkinia is founded following the unification of the three Kingdoms of Norkinia by Bjarn I. Each of the three Kingdoms became their own Imperial house within the newly-formed Empire. House Sarin, House Drokon, House Sjurin, named after the Imperial families of each Norkinian Kingdom.

  • 45700 CE

    45734 CE

    The War of The Five Nations
    Military action

    The War of The Five Nations was a brutal conflict that took place within Eastern Inner Patriam. The War brought The Norkinian Empire and The Empire of Akaria into conflict with The Kingdom of Thenithria, The Empire of Quiche, and The Empire of Arkaelon.   At the end of the war, The Kingdom of Thenithria was beaten back to its Capital City, becoming nothing more than a city state. With its pre-war Empire spanning across both Northern and Southern Kallonia coming under the control of a wide variety of different and independent Lords, Kings, Nobles, Merchants, Republics, Empires, Kingdoms etc.

  • 46220 CE

    46222 CE

    The Norkinian Civil War
    Military action

    The Norkinian Civil War begins between the forces the "Twin Princes of Norkinia", Lord Prince Bjarn IV and Lord Prince Elric III.

  • 46221 CE

    46270 CE

    The Age of Pruzhan Hegenomy
    Political event

  • 46265 CE

    46290 CE

    The Second Human-Created War
    Military action

  • 46270 CE

    The Fall of The Pruzhan Empire
    Disaster / Destruction

    The Free Pruzhan Empire, following invasions, political crises, natural disasters, widespread corruption and negligance, and the overextension of its Empire, The Free Pruzhan Empire collapsed and much of its citizens fled to its colonies in the land of Atawan as enemy forces swept over the traditional Pruzhan homeland of Alpania.

  • 46288 CE

    The Norkinian Empire Falls to Mors-Incarnatum
    Military action

  • 46289 CE

    The Battle of Kaifenjao
    Military action

    Mors-Incarnatum is defeated at The Battle of Kaifenjao

  • 46290 CE

    The Battle of Na'Ull
    Military action

    The Great Army of Humanity faces off against, and defeats Mors-Incarnatum in Na'Ull. The Battle of Na'Ull marks both the end of The Second Human-Created War and the beginning of The Technological Enlightenment

  • 46295 CE

    46300 CE

    The Technological Enlightenment
    Technological achievement

    Humanity's technology rapidly advances following the end of The Second Human-Created War. Leading into a new Industrial Age for the people of Patram.