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Starshards are crafted from a rare and precious metal called Astralite, found only in specific regions of Pateres. The metal itself possesses a mesmerizing luminosity, resembling a fragment of a fallen star. It is believed that the metal carries a touch of celestial magic, imbuing the coins with a subtle radiance that catches the light. The value of Starshards is based on their weight and purity. Each coin is carefully measured and stamped with intricate symbols denoting its denomination and authenticity. The Central Mint ensures that the coins are of standard weight and purity, allowing for seamless trade and commerce across the realm.   Starshards hold significant value in Pateres due to their scarcity and the unique properties of Astralite. They are widely accepted as a medium of exchange for goods and services, ranging from basic necessities to valuable commodities. The value of Starshards fluctuates based on market demand, availability of Astralite, and the overall economic stability within the realm.   The Central Mint plays a vital role in issuing new Starshards, maintaining the integrity of the currency, and monitoring its circulation. They employ skilled artisans and magical experts who oversee the meticulous crafting and enchantment of the coins, ensuring their quality and security.   While Starshards are the primary currency in Pateres, some regions or communities may have their localized forms of exchange or bartering systems. However, Starshards remain the widely recognized and accepted form of currency across the realm, facilitating trade and economic transactions between different settlements, cities, and even distant realms that engage in commerce with Pateres.   The unique radiance and celestial allure of Starshards make them not only a practical means of exchange but also objects of fascination and admiration. Many individuals collect Starshards for their aesthetic appeal and the belief that they carry a trace of celestial blessings. The coins often find their way into jewelry and decorative items, serving as symbols of wealth, prosperity, and the interconnectedness of the realm with the celestial realms beyond.
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