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Paradigm is an as of yet unfinished TTRPG, which takes place in a fantasy world. There are 8 unique character classes, and 9 unique fantasy races. Paradigm is largely focused on customization, and there are near endless character possibilities!   The world is focused around 15 domains of magic, and the various forms magic can take using those domains. Wild magic, gemforging, runes, and more!   Tired of D&D combat? Try Paradigm
Tired of D&D armor? Try Paradigm
Tired of standard fantasy races/creatures? Try Paradigm
Tired of inconsistent lore? Try Paradigm
Tired of games that are actually complete? Try Paradigm!  

There is no guarantee that Paradigm's content available through Worldanvil is up to date with newer versions. Version 1.0 will be releasing elsewhere.