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Panthea (old)


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Panthea is an immense flat world. Although it is just a single world is a sea of other worlds,it extends outwards seemingly forever. Within the center of the world there is an earth sized area known as the midlands. At the southernmost reaches of the midlands there is a ring of frozen mountainous continents called the The Southern Continents. Beyond these continents is the outlands, a seemingly endless expanse of countless new continents and uncontacted peoples. Since the outlands was discovered 270 years ago, several empires from the midlands have been founding colonies in those distant mysterious continents using massive airships and submarines in order to bypass the harsh waters around the Southern Continents.  
The midlands is a place of great natural beauty. Despite human civilization being far past industrialization and having huge cities and populations, 90% of the land in the midlands is still wilderness which is roamed by many an increcibly diverse array of life, such as the several species of mammoths, sabertooths, woolly rhinos, dire wolves and dire bears. The greatest predators of the midlands are woroks, elephant sized bear-like carnivores and hallon, monstrous birds of prey which can have wingspans of up to 94 feet (28.6 meters).
The outlands is even more diverse and wild, only a miniscule fraction of the outlands has been explored and already countless new species have been discovered like the mighty dinosaurs and pterosaurs, as well as multitudes of large mammals, reptiles, arthropods, amphibians, and more. The humans and other human species that inhabit the outlands are also mostly uncontacted and the outlands serves as the ultimate endless frontier for exploration, adventure, and conquest.
  Both the midlands and outlands are inhabited by humans. Anatomically modern humans make up most of the humans in the world, although there are many ancient archaic human species that live in the far off corners of the world. Some of these other human species are the Giants, a species of colossal humans that live in tribes in remote regions of the midlands, meganthropus, giant apelike humans from the jungles of Tamal, and several more.   There are also the many oceans of Panthea which are abounding with colossal sea monsters like krakens and emperor whales.

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