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A world divided in Light and Shadow. Two cities, and their gods, in a thousand year war. A stalemate to be broken...   The City-state of Amaranth stands resplendent at the mouth of the Amar River, high above The Battlefield. The Crescent Dam, thousands of metres tall, keeps the river water from flowing into the world-splitting cracks in The Battlefield, creating the inland sea that Amaranth grows around. The flood plains of the river, as well as the aquatic agriculture tended by the merfolk, feed all its millions of citizens. Across from it, stands Malthracion, a dark citadel of iron and fire. Betwixt them, The Keystone - a vast font of power and, perhaps, the key to our future, is fought over.   When shards of the Keystone were shattered from it, new technologies and applications sprung up around them, and now the Keyships of Amaranth have been flying for a year; Collecting artifacts and lost knowledge from the wilds the war forced us to abandon. Now, as the Captain nears a forced retirement, the story of our heroes starts...