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The Underground: Basics

  Underneath the town in the sewer systems and adjoining workmen's tunnels are caverns and other areas known as the Underground. There are nightclubs down there like The Pit and Cavernlight, usually run by the undead for the undead (and living groupies), and outposts of the Otherworld and some Underworlds for tourists. Sometimes Underground dwellers come to the surface, and they make themselves useful by running errands and finding things that are lost.    A lot of people have met these folk without fully appreciating who/what they are.    Underground dwellers may be fae, or may be undead, or may be something else entirely. It is unclear whether the various places you can access in their territory are all in our dimension or not - in the case of Underworlds and the Otherworld, obviously not, but these portals are more obviously marked.

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