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In the world of Ovenbreak, humans became extinct, sweets and foods became more dominate than just consummation. The asteroid that hit the world changed everything along with the pollution that destroyed the world once inhabited by humans. However, culture, religion, myths, and even science still survived and then came alive. In a way, humanity still exists but now dominated by denizens of multiple creatures and species with their own races and laws. There is no one species dominating how the world works, because now there are denizens of them. Since the extinction of humans, the places of afterlife became freely accessible yet limited, the surrounding celestial galaxy that Earth was once part of began to form into something more incomprehensible than before. To the point its nothing like the old universe. Multiverse started to slowly mix and converge, converged to the point the existence like Earth no longer exists. Chaos unravels, order unravels, now anything can happen.