Ousia Verge

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“After a long war, in a galaxy on the verge of collapse, it is easy to lose oneself when everyone is desperate to survive. Omni is a deserter from the Av’Arul military seeking solitude on a far flung planet. One day Omni meets a mysterious girl, she vows to get the girl back to her father, but they end up constantly pursued by the Av’Arul and others who wish to stand in their way.”   Ousia is a galaxy with a myriad number of species and cultures, all of which are on the verge of an all encompassing economic collapse, a result of a war between the two largest governments in the galaxy, the Av'Arul Empire and the Mystik Confederacy. The war severely drained resources, and has sent everyone and everything into a tailspin of decay and barbarity and it could all become worse if the truce between the big two is severed.