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Froltagen is the common used name for the days when people in Vandria head out to enjoy various summer activities. During this period, most people tend take time off from work to spend time with friends and family. Hence it is marked by general quietness in industrial areas and districts, while you see increased activity down at lakes, mountain inns and forest retreats
While most summertime activities are not too dissimilar from those of surrounding nations, a few do stand out.  

Activities & Events


Skipflugen (trans: Ship flying) is an activity that requires a participant to jump from one boat to another, pick up a specific item and jump back. People can compete on two levels, time & distance.

When they compete for time, the boats remain at the same distance and the object is stowed away somewhere on the second boat. Competitors must then jump to the other boat, find the object and jump back within the shortest time possible. Should a participant fail to reach one of the boats or drop their item during a jump, they are automatically disqualified.
For the distance competition, the boats are pushed further apart each round and the object is left on the deck. Again, should a participant fail to reach one of the boats or drop their item during a jump, they are disqualified. The participant that is able to perform the furthest jump is considered the winner.

The winner of each competition, is then crowned Flug-king or queen until the next competition. This can range from until the next week, up to the next year for some regions.


Vandrian culture is enormously proud of their nature and hiking and camping is enormously popular year round. With Vildvandar (transl: wild wandering), Vandrians head into nature with only the barest of requirements, forgoing luxury and trying to live of the land as much as possible. Hardcore enthusiast go as far as not carrying a tent, preferring to make their own shelter and to go completely naked. During summertime it is thus not unusual, to see naked people run around the Vandrian countryside or forests.

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