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A colorful fantasy world with a great past. Most of this world lies under the ocean, which covers the remains of great technological advance and fallen civilizations. While most of the ocean is a spread-out madness of archipelagos, the last embers of civilization slowly glow on the giant continent. Their forests are haunted by terrific demons and their winds above the neverending plains whisper the tales about distant gods and the times when the ancestors surfed the emptiness between stars and galaxies. Nowadays, most of the stars are gone from the sky. The prevailing of the darkness is inevitable, and only the shining hearts of the people living in these lands are keeping the darkness away...   Here is a presentation about some basics of this world and adventure


  • Map of The Island of Forgotten Names - Top Floors

    A map piece representing the top island floors. This is a macro map with major locations marked with ink letters, although there are countless mysterious and unknown places hiding from the plain sight in the floating shadows of the rich forests and breathing plains, waiting to be discovered and marked!