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Eye-Spreader-Weed is a small marshland flower that is often used as a substitute for coffee in areas where coffee beans are either not available or too expensive.
The tea made of its dried leaves is sometimes also reffered to as Poor-Man's-Coffee. The brew is so bitter that many consider it undrinkable if it is not sweetened with cloudberries or similar (local) fruits. The effect is strong and fast but doesn't last very long. High amounts may make you feel jittery and then suddenly very tired once it leaves your system.
The plant grows roughly 20cm high with corse leaves and very few branches. For about one sun-cycle once a moon it will bear yellow blossoms no bigger than a pinhead that will be tightly closed and only open for a day or two.
The roots are many, thin and long enough to spread across large areas - while most other swamp plants have very short roots since they don't have to reach far to reach water. This oddity gives Eye-Spreader-Weed the reputation of being connected to Keijo who uses the plant to spy on the Flowermarsh and thus the Temple of Sil'ya  - with Alrun, who is said to be Keijo's lover, being the instigator. They also say that Keijo is completely locked out of the Cold Marsh however, because the plant can't grow there.
This connection to their hallows gives the plant high popularity in Azuria. Especially in the South where coffee beans would be availabe it's in great demand and people even savor the bitter flavor. The Azurian name translates closer to Nature's No-Sleep-Weed.
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink

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