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Step Into The Shadows   OSIRIS (Organization of Supernatural Investigations, Research, and Intervention Services) is the story of a group of African American teenagers living in the small(ish) city of Chorus, California, in Smoke Valley, all recent arrivals there and going to Chorus College.   They are...  
  • Ahmed Cole, an angry punk dealing with the death of his mother and his flawed family life, a Texan-born Muslim.
  • Jonah Denton, a former Marine Medical Corps medic who dropped out of training and forced to live in a RV on the outskirts, from a family living in Florida.
  • Kevin Grayson, a reformed gangster from the Chicago Kings who moved to California with his family to escape his ex-gang.
  • Elijah Lamb, the only son of a Michigan police commissioner who is taking over the Chorus Police Department.
  • And Benjamin Hayes, a 17-year old computer/electronics whiz/ from Nevada looking for better opportunities.
  • All of them are in California History and are forced by their racist professor to work together as a group for a project in local history due soon. But during a trip to Blakefield for their project, they come across a young woman as she is murdered by strange individuals. Grabbing Kevin's spare guns from his trunk, they fight and kill the men.   In scanning the bodies, they pick up a ring and a necklace from the woman, and learn that the person they killed was Bryce Patton, a famous son in an local oil family, and his friends.   And as they are arguing about what best to do (Jonah and Kevin want to cover up their involvement and make sure that the police doesn't arrest them all as black men killing the local rich guy's son, Benjamin and Elijah want to report it to the police because it's obvious that men wearing strange clothes and a weird knife isn't normal, and Ahmed is busy freaking out over killing a person), they notice that the killers' bodies are dissolving into a bloody sludge that turns into a vicious creature.   Soon, they are forced to run from the monster that attacks them, barely escaping with their lives after killing it with an improvised bomb.   On arrival home, they discuss what happened and decide to give it a few days, hiding out at Benjamin's house to make sure no one is stalking them. Later, they learn suspects are wanted for the disappearance of Patton in Arcadia Gardens, but Elijah notices that no description of gunfire was made, nor of the dead woman or the others.   And on checking out CPD records and the morgue during a visit to his dad, he saw that no body belonging to the woman existed, and that the missing person reports were removed.   Fearing what would happen if they report it to the CPD, the quartet decide to work together to investigate who the woman was, why she was killed, why was the rich guy's motive, why the police are covering it up, and what was that thing that attacked them.   What they expect is a collective hallucination, a shared delusion, that can be naturally explained.   What they didn't expect was to get a crash course in the dark side of the modern America, or to be major players in the events to come.

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