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twirin- tweerin


the deadly woods and dark haunted caverns have been many adventurers demise.
Twirin is a state made mostly of elves with dark pasts. many believe this place to be a unlawful and dangerous area. plenty of adventures end and begin in these dark woods and haunted caverns. Twirin is the birth place of Awien Gwenth, the queen of the elvenkind, who ruled over most of Orion 20 years ago. back then Twirin was a place of beauty and growth. most other races, such as the dragon born and humans, had never set their eyes upon it. soon after the great war the elves were pushed into exile on Twirin, old dark magic linked the elven to that place, forcing them to stay and never siege war again. unfortunately the war and magic that coated the land in fire and ash also made Twirin grow ugly and cruel. the animals warped along with the plants. several new beasts were born the day the elves were shoved into this dark land and forced to stay. soon after the elves lost the humans had the gnomes build a giant iron orb, made entirely out of the blood of the fallen, and bound the elves to it. thus giving the orb its name, the Iron Phylactery, its unknown if the humans still posses the Iron Phylactery or if it still works. many elves are still stuck on the dark and gloomy land of Twirin.

The Abby Of Eternal Night

  The Abby of eternal night is the new capitol in the Twirin state, a castle set atop a high cliff, the castle was once the home of Awien Gwenth the dictator of Orion back 150 years ago. Parts of the castle have had to be rebuilt but several rooms and passage ways are the same as they were when Awien ruled. most of the castles secrets are closely guarded by the moon knights. The Moon knights are savage warriors that have been known to take on massive armies and win with only a hand full of these elvish brutes. when the abby is at risk of siege or being attacked by viscous creatures the moon knights are the ones that fight the battle head on.   The Abby is known for being the darkest and most dangerous point in all of Twirin. The forest holds all manner of dark and deadly creatures however the castle on the cliff holds something even more deadly...elven politics.    
"i have never feared any man or beast, but the politicking up at the abby would kill any strong willed adventurer." - encyclopedia of everything written by Barg the golem
Most of the power held in the land of Twirin is by the three elven sisters who are said to be decedents of Awein Gwenth. the sisters came to power by winning a series of duels and trials. usually the elf that survives becomes the reigning ruler. however the sisters where so ferocious and powerfull that the elves allowed them to rule together.

The Dark Elven: The Abby Assassin's

The assassin's of the abby of eternal night.
the assassins known as the abby assassins have been some of the most feared organizations in the world. they carried out most of the hits that took down big rulers such as the current king of kaer galanor's father. after the great war the assassins were hunted down and forced to disband. however as many elves in the abby assassin's were either killed or got branded with a giant half moon on their necks, some excaped from the fate the humans had planned for the, or so they say.  
"in looking for more information on the abby assassins i was met with many death threats and shifty eyes. im sure that the elves know more than they lead on."-the encyclopedia of everything written by barg the golem
Geopolitical, State

Awien Gwenth: A Dictator Queen

  Awien Gwenth ruled for the better part of the great war. soon after the human uprising she vanished along with most of the dragons that fought along side the elves. many say here soul is what stoked the flames that forged the Iron Phylactery. Some say she roams the dark wilds of the orion southern coasts, but none know the truth about this deadly elven queen.

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