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1999 of the Fourth Era

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Welcome to the world of Opideon.

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For now, enjoy the world.
  Winds, drawn by magic through the world, tell tales of ancient times. Ancient powers, recurring through the eras, are stirring again, darkness sweeping the lands as a new light rises; the Fifth Era is on the horizon. Follow the winds of Magic as you travel across this foreign world and learn of the people who live in it.  

What is the World of Opideon



  Opideon is a world filled by Magic. From the studious Sorcerers of the powerful Sorcerer's Federation of Sel to the schools run by the Sovereign of Sorcerers in every country, Magic is as common place as water.   From the verbal casting of Conjuring Magic, the self invocating Pure Magic, through the natural Alchemy, Magic is both powerful and as diverse as the people who use it.  


  The people of Opideon, diverging since the Forgotten Era, have diverse cultures. From the isolated people from the A'Hishian United Kingdoms to the war driven people of the Maraian Triumvirate who follow Work of Abarithian to the unique and diverse people from the Kingdom of Kin.
  The past, present, and future -- from the beginning to end of time -- have been decided. Explore the 13 thousand years of known history, the Magic flowing through the people, and the cultures found in each country.  

Why Opideon

  Opideon is a world meant to be as full as Earth. I am also, decidedly, using it for the foundation of my writing for the next period of my life. I have a collection of ideas, such as short stories, anthologies, and novellas planned to fill out the years before 1999 of the Fourth Era. There are countries planned to explain the fallen cultures and the strange temples around the world, but for now, everything is still young.   Even considering the world itself, everything I am doing for this world is to build up to my ultimate goal of writing and publishing a novel. I have a trilogy of novels planned out that I am going to prepare for by practicing with the shorts. The year 1999 of the Fourth Era is significant because it will be the last. But for now, enjoy the world.  
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