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Setting the Scene of Oogma

Rules of the World

What are the fundamental differences in the natural laws of your world compared to Earth?

  1. There is magic, but often chaotic and hard to control with a few exceptions.
  2. The magic is tied to the natural world with more industry and expansion the harder it becomes to tame.
  3. It is actually quite possible to blend the scientific and magical realms together to form more cohesive whole.



How did this world come to be?

There is many religions and gods but ultimately it all stems from one source. The source is molded by belief, the more belief anyone thing has the more true it becomes.  



What does the geography of your world look like?

While the world of Oogma is larger mirrors our own, due to the influence of magic and belief, massive petrified forests, complex crystalline cave structures, and other wonderous places exist.  

Does your Geography have any special properties or features?

Various places are heavily influenced by the chaotic magic.  

Initial size of building


What is the initial size of your active campaign setting?

Most of the adventure will take place in the Iskarian Empire, roughly the size of the Mediterranean region.    

People and their History

Who used to live in your active campaign space, and what’s their history?

While there is clearly remnants of ancient civilization, as is evident by the raise in artifact collectors, but not much is know.  

Which species/cultures live here now and what’s their history?

The Iskarian Empire is home to all sorts of races, creeds, and species intermixed within. However, those that have Ellasian pedigree hold a higher status than any other. To the north you have the people of Gual, nomadic tribes interested maintaining the natural order.   

What do they need, and what do they need from each other?

The Iskarian Empire is in free fall after the death of Emperor, its former generals are scrambling to take control of the region and now more dependent on the rising merchant class while defending the borders from the Gual.

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