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On Bended Knee By Thea Carter


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Rome was built by the first werewolf who was rescued from death and raised by Hera. The Greek/Roman pantheon of gods created different species of creatures that have roamed the Earth for more than 2,000 years. After the fall of Rome and through fear and prejudice, the creatures are dying out. Humans are hunting and killing anything they find to be different.   We focus on the first female Alpha wolf leading her pack in the Midwest US. She meets her mate by chance, but he is human. There has already never been a female Alpha before, but now she has to deal with the first male human mate in history.   Fighting for her right to survive and for the survival of her pack, Alpha Andromeda has to battle dissent within her own walls and violent attacks at her borders. Can she carry the weight of her entire species on her shoulders, or will Atlas be able to help her?