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A dieselpunk campaign setting for my own RPG system, the core campaign setitng in which published adventures and materials will be set.   Mostly set on a large continental island, split into four distinct zones, each with access to the same technology and abilities, but each with their own design flair. All the continent is powered by access to a magical source known as Pneuma, the lifeblood of magic and technology, accessible in various ways by all people of Auragarth.   In the West sit the lands of Trael, where Pneuma is harvested by machines in a raw, unfiltered form, then mixed with oil and gunpowder to power technology. To the East lies the arcane province of Haven, where magicians and artificers work to understand the natural laws of Pneuma, then bend them to their will to create devastating war machines and life-altering inventions. In the South sits the Holy Land of Isles, a series of enormous cities which float on the surface of the ocean, each one dedicated to a single Deity Majora, and held aloft by a Grand Priest, where worshipers bow to the whims of their deity in order to control the flow of Pneuma in their own bodies. In the North is the Untamed Wilderness, a region of dense jungle forestation, dotted with enormous mountain reaches, where the people worship naught but nature itself, using ancient secrets long forgotten to control Pneuma, and in doing so, control the force of life itself.   In the center of them all lies the No Man's Land, an enormous stretch of harsh sun-baked desert, long ago destroyed in cataclysmic war. These center reaches are criss-crossed only by a few protected paths, though each still dangerous to an unprepared traveler. Here there is no Pneuma to be found, and bandits, mercenaries, and monstrous creatures attack and kill travelers in hellish rituals designed to drain the Pneuma from their very souls.   In the world of Olgrith, Pneuma is everything, and those who control it have the power. Those who have power control access to Pneuma, and a vicious cycle is born. Fight for fame, fight for power, fight for Pneuma, and above all, fight to keep breathing.

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