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Old Zenithas

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A mysterious plane that serves as an anchor between a plethora of alternate realities. the bonds between realms here are weaker than normal, and alter-dimensional beasts, and even civilisation have been known to appear from rifts in the continuum. As such, this realm is incredibly diverse, manipulated heavily by the winds of magic and technology.   An event known as the Great cataclysm broke these Universal boundaries, the result of which being periodic rifts in space-time, increasing the frequency and magnitude of dimensional 'spillage'. over the years, this has drastically changed the social-economic and geographical elements of the world, mostly for the worse.   Over time; The Sapient races of Humans, Elves, Dwarves and more have adapted to the unfolding Chaos. Technological and magical enhancement has soared exponentially, and warfare has grown incredible advanced as a result. Gone are simpler times of foot-soldiers and archers-Now is the time of steam tanks, great war-beasts, and even attacks from the sky.   However; there was one Being in particular that all of them fear. The bringer of doom, the malevolent World-Knitter. A being Who's true name is not even known, but their deeds are feared by all. The puppet-master of the Cataclysm, who is rumoured to still be at large.

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