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Entrada Post - Edition: 07632

All illustrations contained in this image are my own, Sarah Thoonen, drawn on iPad Pro with Procreate.
by Sarah Thoonen


The newspaper has been created as a way of providing players with some information about the world before they commence their campaign. It may also provide information between sessions, or while they are adventuring as a reminder that time continues to pass and the world moves around them.

Document Structure

Publication Status

Publicly accessed via new stands, grocers, or local libraries.

Historical Details


The Entrada Post is a newspaper local to the area of Port Entrada, keeping its citizens updated with news on events and activities.
Text, Newspaper
Authoring Date
5th Levhista, RO 1723


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9 Jan, 2023 22:32

I bet your players have a lot of fun reading this!

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Cory Cowley's Fawn by Sarah Thoonen