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Autumn Broth

Warm beverages are a great way to replenish on colder days, and what could be more hearty than a broth made from various food scraps. This recipe has been shared between packs of Fus-Edi for generations and uses any kind of bone (with the marrow), some commonly found herbs and mushrooms. So grab your favorite cooking vessel, get a fire going and join us in the creation of this traditional autumn broth!  


Effect; Warmed [for the duration of 1 image]
Health restoration; 3 HP     Ingredients (creates 3 servings)
  • 1x Large bone (any)
  • 3x Mixed mushrooms (any)
  • 1x Torrok herbs
  • 1x Kaleeni flower
  • 1x Fat scraps (any)
  • 2x Water (any)
  Other necessities;
  • 1x Heatproof vessel (any)
  • 1x ladle (any)
  • Create a fire and prepare your cooking vessel. For this recipe we are using a stone bowl, but you could use any other heat resistant vessel. Drop the Fat scraps in the bowl and put it over the fire. Best would be to suspend it over the fire, but putting the bowl on a rock inside the fire also works great!
  • Once the fat has melted, add the mushrooms and stir them around with a ladle until fragrant. You can also skip this step, but this would result in a weaker flavor. Once fragrant add the water, herbs and the large bone.
  • Let it steep away from the fire until the Kaleeni flower has turned the broth purple. When the broth is done steeping it is usually cooled down enough to drink immediately, enjoy!
  • Add 3 more water (any leave the drink on the fire until the purple has turned to a dim red color. Usually leaving the broth on the fire until it dies out does the trick. Not only does this enhance the flavor, but it's effect is also increased with 100%!
  • Add 3 more large bone (any), dimpled sheet; leave the broth on the fire until it turns purple, then pour the mixture onto the dimpled sheet and let cool completely. You have now created broth gummies! One gummy has the same effect as a serving of broth, but it makes 12 servings instead of 3! A perfect snack for on the road
Item type
Consumable, Food / Drink

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