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A world I have been developing for years, but still a work in progress. Nytosha is a mostly peaceful world where many common themes and common stereotypes are flipped on its head. Examples of this would be the fact that gold is practically worthless, as there is an abundance of it in the Desert Isles, and Copper is more valuable than Silver. Majority of the hours of Nytosha are night rather than day, and night and day are flipped. That being said, majority of the population are awake at night and asleep during the day. Phrases such as "Good morning" would be like telling someone "Goodnight" and "Goodnight" would be a greeting when you first wake up. Instead of saying "I slept well last night," you would say "I slept well last day."   Nytosha's night sky is a deep crimson, with an indigo-purple moon that is always full. The day sky is a pale lavender, with a bright but small blue sun. The water there is orange, the trees dark grey with grey-purple leaves that match the grass. There are many different places in Nytosha, all friendly (excluding Untania) and welcoming. Honestly, there is just too much to put in just the into, but I will try to narrow it down to the important stuff. Majority of the population of Nytosha consists of Non-humans (elves, demons, angels, and more) and Half-humans, with the minority of the population as a whole being humans. There is magic pretty much everywhere, and depending on which region/kingdom you are in usually determines the magic to technology ratio present there.   Majority of Nytosha is forest, with oceans and rivers being a very close second. There are islands that are mostly desert, but there isn't much else for different climates. It very rarely snows in Nytosha, unless you live atop one of the mountains, and the most common whether is either clear, rain, or fog. Most of the time it is rather chilly, being that it is night 18 hours out of the full 30, but not freezing. There is flora EVERYWHERE, and inhabitants of Nytosha take good care of the forests and environments around them.   [I will probably add more later. This world is has had a lot of development and work go into it, but there is still so much I need to develop, as well as get typed/written down.]

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